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A Clean New Look, Better Sound Proofing and Improved Insulation

One of the custom services we offer is to completely renew your interior ceiling headliner. 

When replacing your headliner, we will remove all cabinets, ceiling and window treatments. 

Then, we remove all old ceiling panels and old wall and window trim. 

Next, we clean all white accessories, like AC face plate, vent bezels, antenna  crank, lights and speakers.  (At this time we can install any new wires and cables you may need to add.  We can add a cable connector so you can hook campground cable directly to your antenna system, or add speaker wires or new wires for additional lighting.) 

After re-dying all the white trim including the front and rear caps, we begin to install all new ceiling panels.  (These panels are made of a water resistant board with a silver foil on the top side which reduces the problem of water, causing the ceiling panels to sag and warp.)

Next, we add new ribs which have matching color insert strip. 

Last, we install all the refinished trim items and lights. 

When we are finished  you will  have a complete new ceiling that will freshen up  the interior look and feel of your beloved GMC. 

This complete headliner project usually costs  $1,850.00  Parts & Labor included.

Complete headliners take at least  1 week and must be done with a scheduled appointment.  Due to heavy service workload from November to April, headliner installation may not be possible during this time!

 This is also a good time to think about renewing your window curtains.  We will have the cabinets out and it will save time and money to do both items at the same time.  We sell a complete line of window treatments including day-night pleated shades with custom window boxes (valances).  For more details see Window Treatments.

  All Prices are subject to change and must be verified before purchase!  


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Alex Sirum GMC Motorhomes, Inc.
1800 Hwy 70 East
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Phone (863)763-1121  Fax (863)763-1124